A joint Nordic project to develop more efficiency in the construction tall wooden buildings

Wiiste is taking part in the joint Nordic TallWood project, which is developing new, more efficient ways of utilizing wood in tall wooden buildings. The aim is also to reduce CO2 emissions from construction and the environmental impact of the building.

The goal of the TallWood project is to use more wood components as building materials and to develop innovative solutions

that reduce the environmental impact of carbon dioxide.

The TallWood project also focuses on the main barriers to the additional use of wood in construction. In addition, the
project aims to develop optimal, cost-effective wood hybrid solutions.

– It is important for Wiiste to be involved in Nordic co-operation, which creates both innovations and best practices for wood building. Naturally, they involve wood moisture measurement, where we want to continue to be a leading player, says Aki Böök, CEO of Wiiste.

The TallWood project involves research and educational institutions from Sweden, Finland and Norway.

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