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The SolidRH system

SolidRH – moisture control for the entire lifecycle

SolidRH is a system for measuring and monitoring moisture during both construction and use. It is a solution developed in Finland for construction sites for the purpose of facilitating the work of professionals from the planning of measuring to reporting. With the SolidRH system, monitoring the drying of concrete according to instructions is cost-efficient, and wireless technology also allows the inspection of the functionality of structures regarding moisture afterwards without breaking the surfaces. The system benefits moisture measurers, contractors and constructors as well as property owners and users.

SolidRH RD1SolidRH SH1SolidRH SH3SolidRH SH4SolidRH SHR


A cloud service for the planning of moisture measuring, reporting and data management

Relia is a browser-based cloud service software that runs on different devices. The software has been created as a support for the SolidRH system to enable the efficient utilization of the advantages of the equipment. Relia has been developed for the planning and reporting of moisture measuring as well as the management and distribution of measurement data. It is simple and easy to use!

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