A revolutionary novelty in wood moisture metering!

Digital Wood Moisture Meter (IoT)

Now, for the first time, you can digitally ensure that the elements delivered to a wooden building remain dry from the factory to the construction site and as part of the building.

Developed by Wiiste and Stora Enso, the WM1-WAN is the world's first IoT moisture meter to ensure a dry wood chain.

The price of the WM1-WAN wood moisture meter is 335€ / pc.

Wiiste WM1-WAN IoT wood moisture meter

Manufacturer: Wiiste

The WM1-WAN wood moisture meter has been developed by Wiiste Oy, the leading developer in the Nordic countries in wireless humidity measurement in the construction industry and Stora Enso, Europe's largest supplier of wood construction materials. Wiiste's other IoT sensors have already been sold to 1,500 construction sites in Finland.

Used in known sites

WM1-WAN passed the tests at well-known construction sites - Wood City 2 (Helsinki, Finland) and BOKU University (Vienna, Austria). The device has already been delivered to England and it will soon be delivered to Australia as well.

Order now - price 335€ / each

  • Order or ask for a quote for a larger quantity.

  • Price per device 335€ (VAT 0%)

  • Relia cloud service is free for the first 12months per project.

  • Includes clear instructions and introduction to Relia cloud service 

  • Electrodes available on multiple lengths.

  • Wiiste tel +358 50 442 3232

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