Corroventa and Wiiste partner up – first joint solution published

Corroventa, a specialist in building dryers and technology solutions, and Wiiste have entered into a partnership agreement, which was announced at the launch of Corroventa's Supervision 2.0 solution. Important part of the solution is fully integrated High Performance Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor (HP RHT Sensor) which is developed by Wiiste.


Mårten Larsson, CCO, Corroventa AB:

“Our customers have for some time been requesting high performance sensors for measuring relative humidity in concrete. We are therefore glad to announce that we can now add that capability to our SuperVision® system thanks to our partnership with Wiiste.”

“Wiiste Oy is a Finnish company with  focus on measurement systems. The first result of the partnership between Corroventa and Wiiste, is a fully integrated High Performance Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor (HP RHT Sensor) that can handle fresh concrete as well as very high relative humidities with reliable measurements. This gives Corroventa and Wiiste the opportunity to expand further in both existing and new segments and markets.”

“We look forward with great confidence to the partnership with Wiiste and I am sure that we will be able to take further steps within measurement together.”

Aki Böök, CEO, Wiiste Oy:

“The Corroventa-Wiiste partnership is a really powerful combination which makes it possible to take smart drying systems to next level in terms of effectiveness, reliability, sustainability and energy efficiency. All this will have a positive impact on end-customers everyday operations and customer experience. Corroventa’s understanding and deep expertise on drying equipment and business has made a great impact on us. In addition, both companies share the passion for high quality and innovation which are really important values for us as a manufacturer of smart measurement solutions.”

“Our focus in Wiiste for the coming years is internationalization and we aim to do this with selected international partners. Corroventa being a company with great brand and operations in several countries is a great match for us and we are honored to work together. From business point of view this multi-year partnership agreement is really important step and opportunity on our path to be the market leader in the Nordics and strengthen the awareness and position in multiple other markets.”

Press release on the Corroventa AB website
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