New pricing model – check your details in Relia, please!

Your details will now appear in red in Relia if the billing details have not yet been filled in for the project and the licence selected.

The red mark will disappear once you have filled in your details.

Invoicing will be based on the new pricing model for the period 1.7. - 31.12.2022. The deadline for selecting a project-specific licence is 30.9. After this period, the project will be archived if the billing information has not been filled in and a licence has not been selected.

Activation of an archived project is possible by Wiistee until the end of the year. The activation is charged hourly at the rate of 95 €/hour. This change applies to all Relia projects regardless of the type of issue.

The fully redesigned Relia 2.0 system will be rolled out to our customers in phases during the rest of the year.

Check your details in Relia