New solution for measuring air quality on construction sites and buildings

Our product range was extended with a new solution for measuring air quality both on construction sites and in completed buildings.

With the IOTSU® AQ 09, you can monitor and receive alerts for high dust levels in a room that may contain particles that are harmful to your health.

The compact device sends data independently to a web application, where it can be read on different devices using a web browser, without the need to install a separate application. Viewing rights can be easily shared among all project partners.

The IOTSU® AQ09 measures the concentrations of fine particles. Quartz dust, hardwood dust and diesel exhaust, among others, are examples of these particles.

The system does not detect the quality of the particles, which must be verified by laboratory tests if necessary.



  • Temperature, humidity, CO₂ tVOC and particulate matter

Measurement accuracy

  • Temperature: ±0.2 °C
  • Humidity: ±2%
  • CO2: ±30 ppm ±3% of reading
  • tVOC: ±15%
  • PM2.5: ±10 µg/m3
  • PM10: ±25 µg/m3

The measurement frequency is half the transmission cycle and is adjustable.



  • 5 years lifetime at default settings


  • LoRaWAN

The filter of the device is replaceable to ensure that asbestos dust, for example, is not transported between sites.



  • Full picture in one view
  • The source of the contamination can be found based on the location of the equipments
  • Automatic alarm if safe threshold is exceeded
  • Data storage e.g. for reporting and analysis

Wireless design makes installation easy: no power cables or configuring required. IOTSU® AQ 09 can operate in harsh environments.