Watch the video recording: Moisture management of engineered wood products

In the webinar we covered moisture management of LVL, CLT and glulam log products. A link to the webinar recording is at the end of the news. The video content is in Finnish.



- Leif Wirtanen Senior Expert in Research and Building Physics Services at Ramboll Finland Oy
- The experts from Wiiste Oy

Content of the video recording:

00.00–7:20 Aki Böök, Managing Director, Wiiste Oy

  • Webinar content and Wiiste solutions for wood moisture management

7:20–1.01.00 Leif Wirtanen, Ramboll  Finland Oy

  • Moisture performance and moisture measurements of engineered wood products

1.01.00–01.18.15 Jari Salokangas, Sales Director, Wiiste Oy

  • Continuous moisture monitoring of wood with Wiiste IoT solution
  • Customer examples of the benefits of the solution

01.18.15–01.30.35 Answers to audience questions

  • Answers to questions from webinar participants
  • Conclusion of the webinar

Watch the recording here