Webinar on moisture management in engineered wood products 16.11. - book your place!

The webinar will cover moisture measurements and moisture management for LVL, CLT and glulam log products. Practical monitoring cases for CLT structures will be covered. The experts are Leif Wirtanen (in Finnish) and Björn Stankowitz (in English). The webinar starts on Thursday 16.11. at 10 am.

We will focus on practical cases - measurement methods for different types of construction projects and drying monitoring of damage sites.

We will answer any questions from participants (some after the webinar if necessary).

Experts: Leif Wirtanen and Björn Stankowitz

The second expert in the webinar will be Leif Wirtanen, Lead Expert in Research and Building Physics Services at Ramboll Ltd.


Attendees of our webinar last March will remember Leif's excellence in applying expert knowledge of engineering wood products to practical measurement needs. Leif will explain the topic and answer questions in Finnish.


Our international guest Björn Stankowitz is a civil engineer from Germany with a strong technical background in timber engineering, structural design, structural assessment and construction supervision.


He leads many major timber engineering projects for the New Zealand consultancy ENGCO. Björn's contribution is in English.

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