International demand for the digital wood moisture meter (IoT) is growing, Wiiste now supplies to Sweden, France, the Netherlands and Spain

Launched in June, the world’s first IoT wood moisture meter is attracting a lot of international interest. In August-September, Wiiste has sold this solution to the Netherlands, Sweden, France and Spain - previously to Australia, Austria and England.

The new innovation was created in collaboration with Wiiste and global wood technology player Stora Enso.

- Wood construction has been on the rise in recent years. A better, more cost-effective and easier way to ensure quality and moisture control is attractive to all players in the industry, says Aki Böök, CEO of Wiiste Oy.

Residential buildings are also about indoor health. In some cases, for example insurance companies set requirements for the moisture control of the wooden building.

The mounting screws for the IoT measuring device are also measuring electrodes. They allow the measurement of the moisture profile of the wood from two different depths.

- An important novelty in the whole solution is the possibility to monitor the dry chain of the wooden element through the cloud service all the way from the wooden element factory to the construction site and finally as part of the finished building. It can also monitor the moisture protection of a wooden building throughout the building's life cycle, says Toni Luopajärvi, Wiiste's development director.

Orders from the Netherlands, Spain, France, Austria and France came mainly from local and international construction companies, but the solution is also of interest to other construction players.

Wiiste Oy was founded in 2012. The company's IoT sensors and cloud service have already performed more than 3 million humidity measurements (source: Wiiste Oy's cloud service, Relia). Wiiste's customers include more than 130 construction companies.

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